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BEVAAccredited by the British Equine Veterinary Association

Equine Breeding – Specialist Stud Work

Mark Siddle MRCVS provides an exceptional stud service, working from superb on-site facilities at his home.

A keen personal interest in foaling means Mark has an excellent reputation spanning every aspect of equine breeding. Because his dedication and passion for stud work is second to none, you know for certain that your mare and her foal are in extremely capable hands.

Your mare and her foal
in extremely capable hands

Comprehensive, empathetic stud work

Mark provides full care for mares due to foal, handling every aspect of equine breeding with his unique blend of confidence, professionalism and kindness.

  • Artificial insemination in-house or at your own yard
  • Every kind of scan and procedure for foaling and pregnancy
  • 26 acres of good grass land for your horse to relax in
  • Top notch foaling boxes for full comfort in a calm environment
  • CCTV and 24 hr supervision by our in-house vet
  • Staff highly experienced in handling mares and foals
  • Reliable, efficient procedures for adoption
  • We cater for fresh, frozen and chilled semen

Perfect peace of mind for you and your horse

You can rest assured that when your mare gives birth at our yard, her every need will be catered for. And she’ll enjoy a remarkably calm and peaceful environment, perfect for a smooth and successful birth.

If she or her foal needs veterinary treatment during of after the birth, help is at hand on-site, immediately, with no potentially stressful or dangerous transport required.

Let's talk about your foaling plans

You’re very welcome to get in touch to discuss stud work in general and future births in particular, via our contact page.