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Horse Rehabilitation And Therapy Packages

We offer a portfolio of rehabilitation and therapy packages, both stand-alone and alongside ongoing veterinary treatment. With a wealth of experience at our fingertips, we provide the perfect environment for your horse to recuperate under caring, professional eyes.

We don’t stand still. Because we stay up to date with cutting edge treatments and new research, your horse gets the finest rehabilitation services. With an array of industry experts on hand, there is no better place to give your horse the fullest chance of recovery.

Dedicated Facilities with
24 hour supervision

About Our Yard

Our lovely Shropshire yard was specifically designed and built to support horse recuperation. The indoor stabling block comes with 24 hour supervision, and the animals under our care are continually monitored by fully qualified staff. For comfort and hygiene, every stable and examining area is fitted with rubber matting.

Our beautiful 60m x 30m surfaced arena offers the ideal place for gentle lunging and ridden work, perfect for horses needing controlled exercise. And the rubberised walker is perfect for horses who need gentle stretching and walk work.

Horses in the latter stages of rehabilitation often appreciate a daily turnout. Our ample grazing, sectioned in to secure paddocks, is ideal. And because our location is so quiet  and rural, there’s ample hacking for horses stepping up to road work.

Activo-Med Combi System

Activo Med

The Combi Pro is brilliant, a unique rug providing both sequenced Pulsed Electromagnetic and Massage therapy, enhancing blood flow through the horse’s veins.

There are four key factors involved in successful therapy sessions: intensity, frequency, duration and combination of treatments. We know exactly how to use the rug to its best effect in each individual case.

This combination of therapies works wonders on all sorts of equine conditions and delivers excellent pre-warm up and recovery results. What’s more, the Combi Pro rug treats the entire horse, top of the neck to tip of the tail, shoulders and stifle.

  • Lightweight, robust and cool
  • Available in either traditional Goretex and Mesh or full Mesh
  • Contains 14 powerful cyclonic massage modules and 19 pulsed electromagnetic spools

Our team

Our team2

We’ve talked about our team in some detail on our meet the team page. Here’s how our wonderful people support fast, effective rehabilitation:

  • Fully qualified veterinary staff on site 24/7, plus a qualified support team
  • Experts in specific fields available regularly
  • Weekly clinics from Emma Dainty, our chartered physiotherapist
  • A fount of knowledge as regards remedial and corrective shoeing from Ian Hughes, our farrier and equine foot care expert
  • Russell Guire of Centaur Biomechanics uses advanced Gait Analysis technologies to asses tiny faults the human eye can’t see and adjust treatments accordingly
  • Our resident team provides a wide variety of massage, used across the board on our equine patients

The Zamar System


The ZAMAR system was designed by Italian refrigeration specialists to deliver soothing hot and cold treatments. Combined with massage therapy this improves circulation and promotes healing, helping to reduce and prevent joint issues, strained muscles and soreness.

The treatment is completely non-invasive and we use it both before and after competitions for good leg maintenance, recovery and rehab.

These superb machines cost around £2,600 each, far too costly for most horse owners and just one more reason why SVS is the place to be!

The Cyclossage Rug


The Lightweight magnetic Cyclossage rug has a series of small motors positioned throughout the fabric in line with a horse’s major muscle masses. These gently vibrate and stimulate the muscles in three different directions, a practice called cycloidal massage.

This helps improve circulation and aid relaxation, and the motor’s intensity can be adjusted to suit a horse’s specific needs.

Will your horse benefit from rehab the SVS way?

If you have any questions about equine rehab or anything related, we’ll be pleased to offer our expert help and advice. Click through to our contact page.